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Raise Money by Recycling Your Bottles & Cans!

Partner with Clean Loop and make real change for your school or organization.

Let Us Help You and Your Cause.

At Clean Loop Recycling Center, we believe in making a positive impact. That’s why in addition to keeping bottles & cans in a loop of reuse, we support schools and organizations who are raising money for a good cause.  

Drop-Off Fundraising Accounts allow recyclers to donate their deposit refunds directly to the school or organization of their choice when their bottles & cans are returned to the Clean Loop Recycling Center.

It’s the smartest, easiest way to make change for your organization and the environment!

We’re Here to be Your Partner.

The Clean Loop Recycling Center is more than just the best recycling experience in Buffalo, our state-of-the-art recycling process also makes it easy to give and support your organization.

Clean Loop Center-inside view

An accessible, local Center for easy drop-offs, including a BagDrop™

Hand holding recycling hero sticker in front of a recycling machine.

Automated machines that accept up to 300 bottles & cans in one go

Girl taking money from cashier.

A friendly staff who is ready to help guide you through the recycling and fundraising process

Apply for a Drop-Off Fundraising Account.

To apply for a Drop-Off Fundraising Account, download the application, fill in your information and bring it back to the Center.

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Apply for a Drop-Off Fundraising Account.