Bottle & Can Recycling That Pays in So Many Ways!
Get in the Loop with clean, fast & accurate bottle & can redemption that saves you time and puts money back in your pocket.

Off Elmwood & Hertel, next to Hyatt's

Off Elmwood & Hertel, next to Hyatt's!

Simply the Best Recycling Experience in Buffalo.


Our city's smartest recycling center is designed to create a clean, safe and enjoyable redemption experience for all.


Return up to 300 bottles & cans in one go with our automated processing – and quickly receive your cash or digital payout.


Our staff is here to help at every turn. It’s why our recycling experience is fun and enjoyable for the whole family.

Recycling Has Never Been Easier!

Our automated machines are built to quickly sort, scan and accurately process your returns in bulk. No sorting and no sticky hands - just pour up to 300 containers in one go and get a cash or digital refund that you can trust.

Find the Fun in Recycling

Clean Loop App

Make Real Change, Instantly.

For every bottle & can you recycle at the Clean Loop Recycling Center, you’ll get money right back in your pocket.

Download the myTOMRA app and get accurate, digital payouts that can be immediately deposited right to your PayPal account. That's recycling that instantly pays off.


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Wonderful place! Spacious, clean, and the staff is outstanding!


Testimonial Image

Yesterday me and my bestie had a huge job of returning 827 cans & bottles. Ramonita was fantastic! I’m letting everyone know that your place is THE place to go with returns.


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This place is great! Clean, simple, automated can counter, and nice people.


Get in the Loop, Buffalo!

When you’re part of the Clean Loop, you’re part of a better way to recycle. Recycling with us means your returns have the best chance of being turned back into new bottles & cans. With our sorting process, material collected for recycling is kept clean, making it easier to be reused again. It’s the best way to support our community and keep bottles & cans from ending up in our streets, waterways, and landfills.

Doing the right thing has never been so easy.

It Pays to Be in This Loop

Our Bag Drop Makes
Recycling Even Easier.

During our regular hours, come into our Center to grab a Bag Drop barcode sticker, stick it to your bag of bottles & cans, and scan it through in the myTOMRA app. Then, you drop it in the Bag Drop chute outside and wait for your refund to be deposited into your PayPal account. It’s that simple!⁣

The TOMRA Clean Loop Recyling process: return, sort, process, remake, fill, buy, and return again.
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